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While designing a 7mm scale Isle of man Caledonia I offered it up to a Bachman 93xx chassis and found that Cale was just too big and would require a bespoke chassis made for it, so I shortened the design to suit the Bachman chassis to enable me to offer this free lance 0-6-0 narrow gauge loco very much based on Caledonia as the more compact design may well suit O-16.5 enthusiasts more than the full size model.


This sale is for the body kit which fits directly to a Bachman 93xx chassis without modification. You literally remove 3 screws from the Bachman model, the GWR body pops off and you slide the Narrow Gauge body onto the chassis.


She is 46mm wide, 142mm long and rail to top of chimney 77mm


Those wanting a full scale version which is 15mm longer with a chassis please or would like to build their own chassis please contact us.


Models are made to order and may take up to 4 weeks, but generaly is a lot quicker. They are 3d printed in resin and designed in house by ourselves.


The model requires you to supply your own chassis and couplers, paint and glue.

0-6-0 loco similar to Isle of Man Caledonia

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