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Laser Cutting Examples

When talking about laser cutting, we usually refer to three main types of process. Each process depends on what project you are working on. More detailed decriptions are listed below.


The first and most straightforward would be the cutting process. This process is as the name suggests the act of using the laser to cut all the way through the material.


The second main process we might do to a part would be the etch stage. This essentially refers to the laser going over the material at a faster speed and lower setting in order to simplt score the surface. This would be used in order to create an outline of a logo for instance, or in the case below to etch out bricks for a road.


Finally the third main process would be the raster step. This is where instead of going around the specifed logo, it would go back and forth using the laser to fill in the shapes. This is perfect for engraving company logos onto various materials. An example of which is shown above using our logo, and below using an advert we use for shows.

Extra examples of each process can be seen below.


Custom wargaming bases designed and produced by us as a custom project for a customer.


If you are looking to engrave your company logo onto something here is an example of a sign we did for our model show stand.


A slightly more complicated design this time. One of our very own lasercut kits on a sprue. 

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