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This listing is for our range of 009/4mm scale Diesels that fit the Kato Chassis, which we are now selling direct to the public. We have chassis 11-110 to go with them on sale in our spare parts section or you can order a body on its own.

We currently have 4 Diesel bodies available-
Upnor Castle- This is a revamped version of our first Kato body and has had the right hand cover replaced with the Lobster pot in its place.
Conway Castle- Again revamped with a narrower body thanks to the 11-110 chassis being slightly narrower than the original chassis.
Isle Of Man Steam Railway number 17, Viking. If you want this for 12mm track and are making your own chassis we can supply the body only.
Himalayan NDM-6.
All 4 Diesels come with cab interiors.
Chassis have arrived-
If you have a favorite loco you would like produced please let us know, we are always happy to produce your ideas or take on commisions.

Diesel body kits for 009 using Kato chassis (Chassis not included)

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