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This is a listing for a Body Kit in 7mm scale/O16.5 gauge based on a 3 foot gauge Bayer Peacock locomotives as used on the Isle of Man, Ireland and Norway. The kit is designed to fit the Hornby LMS compound locomotive chassis R3276 (not supplied).

This particular kit represents the first 3 Isle of Man Bayer Peacocks as delivered by the factory in 1873- Number 1 Sutherland,  Number 2 Derby, Number 3 Pender.
The picture of the cab internals is the cab internals you will receive with this model although photographed on a special order kit with an open cab for a Museum. 
The picture of the kit parts may differ from the one you receive as their are several versions.
You will need couplers, as well as glue and paint to finish and although a relatively  simple kit to build you will need a reasonable amount of modelling experience to make this model.
If you are planning on making your own chassis, or converting it to a scale 21mm gauge please contact me and I will produce a kit more suitable for you.
Chimneys are numbered 1-3 or plain, please say which you would like when ordering.
The bodies for these kits are now made to order. 
I now include a wheelset and bearings for the pony truck, some brass rod and handrail fittings and have also added a model loco jack and tool box which would have been mounted on the tanks.
These models are made to order and the colour may vary according to what resin is available at the time of your order.

Isle of Man Beyer Peacock as built in 1873

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