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This is a resin 3d printed unasembled kit for an Isle of Man 7mm scale convertable coach. Adjustable between o 16.5 and 21mm. Despite being 3 foot gauge coaches they are about the same width as many 2 foot gauge lines so make great O-16.5 models.

This model is of a design for a vehicle that was to be gnerally used for the carriage of goods, but at busy times could be used to carry passengers- hence the name Convertable coach.
In the end the Isle of man did not have these coaches built, but were good enough to leave the plans for us to be able to make some for our model railways.
These are designed by myself and resin printed, so no nasty layer lines to deal with as often seen on the more common FDM printed models.
 Wheels and couplers are not supplied and you will need to assemble and paint the model yourself- the painted model in the pictures is my finished model. I've been using the easy to get hold of 14mm wheels for my O-16.5 although correct scale would be 16mm and specific Isle of man wheels are available from Slaters.
If you intend using Slaters 21mm axles please PM me when ordering as I need to make sure you have an alternative bearing arrangement or they wont fit.

Isle of Man convertable van 7mm scale Narrow gauge O-16.5

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