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This is a listing for a kit of a 7mm scale Isle of Man Railway 14' 6" 2 plank Wagon known as the M Wagon.

Also available as a 3 plank 14' 6" "H" Wagon- just ask.
Most of you will probably want to run this on 16.5mm track. 
To give a  correct scale 3 foot gauge it would need to be run on 21mm track - I can supply the model in either gauge- but please let me know when ordering.
The Isle of Man rolling stock is no wider than many of the vehicles in use on the Welsh Highland line so lend themselves to O-16.5 very well. In fact the Ffestiniog purchased a lot of Isle of man coach frames for use on the Ffestiniog line.
This particular vehicle is 45mm wide and 100mm long.
The model is a complete resin 3d printed body and 3d printed axles.

Isle of Man Railway M Wagon 7mm O16.5 narrow gauge O21

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