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This is a listing for a Body Kit in 7mm scale/O16.5 gauge based on a 3 foot gauge Sharpe Stuart and Company Locomotive used by the Isle of man Manx Northern line

This particular kit represents number 1 Ramsey
You will need couplers and a chassis to complete this model as well as paint and glue. The model is designed to fit the chassis from Hornby LMS compound loco R3276 (not supplied) If you wish to make your own chassis it will easily accept a 21mm gauge chassis, although if you are going to make your own chassis PM me first and I will list this model with a longer exact scale boiler and cylinders rather than cylinder covers.
This kit is made using a resin 3d printer which gives much better detail than the more common filament type 3d printed models.
Please note, the picture shows the chassis with the Main rod missing, this is because I am using the chassis to develop other models, you will use the entire motion from the Hornby chassis to complete this model without the need to modify it.
These models are made to order and the colour may vary according to what resin is available at the time of your order.

Manx Northern Sharpe Stuart and Company "Ramsey"

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